Apple Faced Multiple Problems After iPhone Release (AAPL)

Typically, the release of a new iPhone is cause for celebration at Apple. Apple’s iPhone devices are very popular in the United States, with nearly 10 million of the latest iPhones sold in the first weekend of their release. However, this release has been beset by issues that have tempered the celebratory mood. These issues have become a public relations nightmare for Apple.

The biggest problem Apple had was the various issues that have popped up with iOS 8 software update. The update, termed iOS 8.0.1, was released to fix problems with the previous version of the mobile software, but has caused a host of other problems. Tech news sites quickly hopped on the news, obtaining reports from numerous people that had complaints about how the software update had negatively affected their phone.

The software update for Apple’s mobile operating system was accused of disabling cellphone service on untold numbers of iPhones. Another issue that arose with the software update is that the Touch ID capability, which gives owners the ability to unlock their devices with a fingerprint, was disabled on many devices. The problems seem to be affecting the iPhones released, the 6 and 6 Plus, more than previous versions of the iPhone.

This was not the first time an Apple software update has caused more problems than it solved. This was, however, the first time that Apple has pulled a software update completely after releasing it. Apple has released instructions on returning the iPhone to the previous version of iOS 8 on the company’s website.

Apple was also facing reports that the iPhones were bending in people’s pockets or when pressure was applied by hand. Several of Apple’s competitors, including Samsung, have released advertisements showing how their phones do not bend. Apple also had issues after the release of the iPhone 4, mainly due to the antenna design of the iPhone causing reception problems for many of the phones.

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